The Transferable Lifeworks of Ryan Beauregard

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In essence Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial arts system that contains a vast supply of knowledge for a practitioner to learn from. Its influence is unparalleled as the lessons acquired during one’s time on the mat are directly transferable to life outside the dojo and competition arena.


Correlating two very diverse professions Ryan Beauregard’s personas as a BJJ martial artist and EMT has created a unique transferable lifestyle that’s provided major assistance in both career sectors.


Like so many individuals have testified without question, “Jiu-jitsu Changes Lives” and Beauregard’s involvement in it is no exception. Starting his training in 2005, Ryan Beauregard was just another figure making his rise through the competition scene while also using BJJ as a vehicle in his personal growth. The journey to betterment would reach a major pinnacle in 2008 as Beauregard’s years of dedication would allow him to reach a feat unheard of for an American jiu-jitsu practitioner during that time period by winning the BJJ World Championship as a brown belt.


Beauregard would continue to flourish, obtaining his black belt in 2010 from long time instructor Demetrius Ramos going on later to build his own legion of grapplers with the running of his own academy Team Beauregard Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. To say the least Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has made a profound impact on Ryan’s life.


Written by:    Monta Wiley

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